Posted on April 8, 2013

How much does it cost to create my online writing portfolio?

Nothing – it’s free! We may introduce paid options in future but you will never be required to pay for the current set of features, even if we add optional premium features in future.

Can I show other information as well as my work, such as contact details or “about me”?

Yes, your folio is pre-populated with an About page and a Contact page.

How do I publicize my portfolio?

When you sign up for your online writing portfolio, you get your own web address in the form of a subdomain here at Writer’s Folio. For example, you might choose to name your site johnsmith.writersfolio.com. Share the link to your site with anyone you’d like to see your work.

How do I add my work to my folio?

You add portfolio pieces (or blog entries) in the form of posts, which allow you to enter text, cut and paste, or add images and other media. The posts are then displayed on your home page in chronological order.

Can I show images and other non-text items in my portfolio?

Yes, you can add pictures, PDF files, audio, and embedded video to your portfolio and blog posts.

I’m not very techy – will I have trouble publishing my work in my portfolio?

The WordPress interface is intuitive and user-friendly, much like using a word processor. Because WordPress is so popular, you can find lots of online help on how to do things like formatting and displaying content in creative ways.

Can I point my own domain to my portfolio here?

Not at this stage, but we may well add this feature in future.

How much storage space do I have to play with?

You get 50MB of disk space. This is basically unlimited text, and enough for several thousand images. If you want to add audio files and video, this could fill up quickly, so we suggest hosting those types of files elsewhere and embedding them in your folio.

Is there some sort of demo where I can see the portfolio in action?

Yes, you can visit our demo folio, which contains a sample folio that uses many of the available features.

Is it possible to stop search engines from indexing my folio? I don’t want it to be found in search or have my samples interfere with duplicated content. from my clients’ sites.

Yes. We use an SEO plugin that allows you to add custom metadata to your posts and pages, as well as marking them as “no index”.

How can I make the most of all the features to make my work look really amazing?

Check out our Help section, which includes instructions on using shortcodes to add effects to your posts and pages.

More questions? Get in touch via our Contact page.

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